Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

When I first read this I thought that the idea was pretty sad, however when I thought about my working life I have appreciated that (and I am not so old!) that

I have moved company many times, just indicative of the industry I am in (construction you move where the work is) and I have left things behind at those companies that people have (hopefully) benefitted from.

Whilst I deal with the commercial aspects of contracts, it is imperative that the contractor gets paid to ensure that the business remains solvent, everyone keeps their jobs and the contractor gets to build the next project. By helping to mind the money side of things, I am contributing to that.

However, when I leave the company and will benefit from my small contribution will be people I will never meet. I have done my bit to help grow the company (like a tree) and others will benefit.

Have you considered where in your life that you have “planted trees” where others will benefit?

Maybe you are a builder and can point to some structure that you have built or maybe you are contributing in a less tangible way like I have.

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