Basic Yoga Pose

Basic Yoga Pose

• A single day of yoga/walking through the pan is unlikely to have long-term effect, but ignoring upper greater trochanteric hip pain could require months to heal.

From the Upper Butt Muscle Down the Backside of the Upper Leg to the Knee HAMSTRING PAIN

• Pain often starts in lower pelvic bone called the ischial tuberosity. When the hip is flexed repeatedly, this area gets irritated and hurts. Nerves can also become irritated, sending pain down the hamstring muscle toward the knee. Many hamstring Yoga Injuries hurt only on the ischial tuberosity.

• Most commonly when yoga/walking, the pain will be along the back of the thigh.

• Pain above the bony ischial tuberosity is not a hamstring injury.

• Pain that includes the hamstrings and the area above the ischial tuberosity should be treated as a hip/gluteal injury with the possibility of a back injury.

• Runners/walkers often notice this first during a run, or shortly afterward, in the middle portion of the back of the thigh. This is usually a mildly achy deep soreness.

• The pain may feel like it has healed when walking around during daily activities, but reappear during a run. Fatigue, faster yoga and hills will aggravate the hamstring.

• If the pain is on the ischial tuberosity, it can be mildly achy to quite sore. Severe cases may prevent sitting and cause discomfort while driving.

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