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Basic yoga Pics on With the sacramental flesh of the dog one achieves all ritual successes (siddhi). With the sacrificial flesh of the cow the Vajra power of invoking (akarsana) = conjuring up, drawing into one s presence) works best.44 These passages are just the tip of the iceberg, but they invite us to think of hathayoga as one of the ways in which tantric ritual was both cleaned up and demeaned. Corporealized ritual is presented as higher and actual ritual as lower. If this line of interpretation is correct then the descriptions of hathayoga practice should provide us with some hints about their origins. This, I would suggest, is exactly what we do find. Right from the very earliest formulations (thirteenth century ce) hatha techniques were used to control semen (bindu), which was believed, erroneously, to originate in the head. Basic yoga Pics 2016.

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