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Basic yoga exercise on A consideration of these three versions of Samkhya-Yoga against the backdrop of Bhrgu redaction and the emergence of the pseudoepic suggests, to me at least, that the issues being addressed are those that are raised by the challenge of heterodoxy. Buddhism and Jainism offer world views that are radically different from those of the Vedic tradition. The Vedas are predominantly this-worldly in orientation; the heterodox traditions are other-worldly.37 The Vedas look to continued existence after death in the company of ancestors and gods; the heterodox traditions conceive post-mortem existence in terms of perpetual rebirth (samsara). The Vedas promote and defend caste hierarchy and the necessity of performing caste duties (varnadharma); the heterodox challenge hierarchies based on birth and reject varnadharma as the highest value in favour of the pursuit of moksa. The Upanisads steer a middle course between these orientations. Sometimes they have the air of the heterodox about them, as in MundU 1. Basic yoga exercise 2016.

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