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Basic yoga asanas Pics on This probably indicates not that one or other author got the order wrong but that these terms had not acquired fixed meanings at the time these texts were compiled. Such a conclusion is supported by the treatment of the same terms in the Buddhist context. The eighth step of the Buddhist eightfold path is right concentration (samyak samadhi [Sanskrit], samma samadhi [Pali]) and, like Patanjali s eight-limbed yoga, it contains a number of stages within it. The point to note is that these stages are often referred to as dhyanas (Pali, jhana), which points to the fluidity of the terminology at this stage of the traditions development. So, where and when did yoga originate? As noted above, Surendranath Dasgupta claims that The passage of the Indian mind from the brahmanic to the Upanisad thought is probably the most remarkable event in the history of philosophic thought. 21 Although it is something of an overstatement, Dasgupta s comment draws our attention to the significant shift in thinking about spiritual matters that is evident in the two sets of texts. The gods are much less prominent in the Upanisads than they are in the Vedas; so too is the sacrifice. Basic yoga asanas Pics 2016.

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