Backbend Yoga Poses Chakr Asana The Wheel Pose I

My name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor today I’m going to be showing you some advanced back bends, if you’ve watched the beginner backbend series and enjoyed it. And you’re ready to take it up and not then this is the post for you back bends are amazing to work out the spine to bring flexibility and strength to the body. So, if you’re ready for more then watch this we’ll start in a seated posture.

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And then just roll onto your back bringing the spine completely in contact with the floor you can walk your heels closer towards your butt and bring the palms onto the ground press the palms down. And then lift the hips up coming into bridge pose, if you feel really good here you can begin to interlock the fingers together and squeeze the shoulder blades together allowing you to lift up even higher the chin will come naturally towards the chest and keep lifting you can even walk the heels in closer. And then lift up even higher to come out of the posture release the palms. And then just drop the hips and squeeze to check give yourself a little hug, if that felt good. And you want to go to the next one keep the feet flat and bring the palms directly by the shoulder it’s important to squeeze the palms into the ground and keep the elbows facing up to the sky try not to allow the elbows to tip out to the side.

But keep them pointed up straight and strong begin to push into the palms lifting the hips. And then push you all the way up into full cha-cha sauna or wheel place arms straight and strong pushing into the feet into the palms stay here for a few black to come out of the posture bring the chin to the chest and allow the back of the head to drop down first. And then roll the spine down hold the knees into the chest give yourself some little hugs can roll up and down and there you have it cha cha Sina. And the bridge pose always remember to include a good warm-up before you go into any advanced back bends I hope you enjoyed that post to watch more posts that you can include in your own yoga practice subscribe to this blog see ya.

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