Back Stretching Yoga Poses

Back Stretching Yoga Poses

Examples of pure devotees of the Lord who achieved perfection by practicing one of the nine processes of bhakti-yoga are as follows:

1) Sravanam -Maharaja Parikshit became perfect by hearing about Krishna.

2) Kirtanam -Sukadeva Goswami became perfect by simply by speaking about the glories of the Lord. Sukadeva spoke the Bhagavatam to Parikshit Maharaja.

3) Vishnu-smaranam -Prahlada Maharaja became perfect simply by his always remembering the Lord.

4) Pada-sevanam -Lakshmi Devi became perfect by serving the Lord’s lotus feet.

5) Archanam -Maharaja Prithu became perfect by worshiping the Lord.

6) Vandanam -Akrura became perfect by offering prayers to the Lord.

7) Dasyam -Hanuman became perfect by serving the Lord.

8) Sakhyam -Arjuna became perfect by befriending the Lord.

9) Atma-nivedanam -Bali Maharaja became perfect by offering everything to the Lord.

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