Back Exercises Pregnancy

Back Exercises Pregnancy

Students should here bear carefully in mind that we are not referring here to points in space; we are simply making this distinction and employing words in order to make an abstruse idea more comprehensible. From the point of view of the totality of the rays and planes there is no north, south, east nor west. But at this point comes a correspondence and a point of real interest, though also of complexity. By means of this very interaction, the work of the four Maharajahs or Lords of Karma, is made possible; the quaternary and all sumtotals of four can be seen as one of the basic combinations of matter, produced by the dual revolutions of planes and rays.38

In the above chart we must also conceive of two more dark blue spheres contained within the ring-pass-not: One above the page and one beneath, making three vertical spheres and four horizontal. All the spheres are rotating and one can begin to glimpse the way in which the model of rays and planes is not dissimilar from that of schemes and chains.

Having introduced the theme of interpenetrating rays and planes and encouraged a more three-dimensional way of approaching them, I would like to introduce you to a slightly more complex interaction of these two essential ingredients of consciousness and form. This approach views the ray energies as synthesising consciousness on different planes.

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The rays in effect group the Hierarchical lives operating on the different planes into entities of different magnitude. So for example, in Figure 7 we have the Third Ray synthesising consciousness on the lower five planes (which relates to the first solar system), the Second Ray synthesising the lower six (the monadic plane as synthetic plane in this system), and so on. When a ray influence predominates then we can expect the consciousness of entities that span several planes to be put together in specific ways. For example, we currently have a focus on the incoming Seventh Ray which tends to synthesise consciousness in each plane. The Aquarian influence adds to the emphasis upon the physical plane systemic and cosmic.

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