Ayurveda East Meets West

Welcome to Darren yoga Ayurveda is an system that comes from India our Veda means the science of life Ayurvedic comes to help us find balance to bring into harmony whatever is out of balance the system of Ayurveda describes the different body type for each person it has three elements main elements that constitutes the prakruti or the body type these three elements the Vata Pitta and kapha create more or less what our tendencies.

And where we come from Lavetta Pitta and kapha are not something that each one of us has one or the other we all have all three just in different levels using the tools of Ayurveda we can find where we came from how we were born what our tendencies are and even more important what is out of balance at the moment using Ayurveda we can find how to come into balance we can use some of the ideas that.

I or better brings such as food ideas or lifestyle ideas and yet it’s important to also be able to use whatever knowledge we have from today Ayurvedic comes from many many years ago today we know many things regarding food that the West has maybe offered things like raw food or macrobiotic. And we can infuse them into the knowledge of Ayurveda. So In the next post we’ll talk a little bit more about how to find what’s out of balance what’s in balance and how to slowly create a little more harmony in one’s life thank you.

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