Avoid Back Neck Leg Pain and Shoulder Discomfort With Simple Yoga Poses

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor I’m going to show you some easy AUSA’s you can do to open up the shoulder is bringing them back allow the neck to lengthen and relax and let all that uncomfortability just ease away right arm comes up. And then bending at the elbow left arm goes underneath also bending at the elbow now at this point you may be able to bring your palms together.

Avoid Back Neck Leg Pain and Shoulder Discomfort With Simple Yoga Poses Photo Gallery

If so then you can lock the fingertips by curling them I’m joining the two hands together, if your arms are not able to reach together that’s absolutely fine you can just try to bring the elbow as close as you can to the body right elbow point it up to the sky and left elbow pointed down towards the floor gently release and switch doing the same thing on to the other side so left arm up bending at the elbow right arm elbow towards the ground you may find there’s a difference in the flexibility of the two sides that’s absolutely fine trying to force the posture.

But instead just get into the pose as much as you can. And then stay there for a few breaths allowing the arm to rise up the left arm to go down opening the side of the chest I hope you’re feeling better already to watch more posts on how yoga can help you feel so great in your own body all you have to do is subscribe to the blog right here I hope to see you later take care bye.

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