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At home yoga on This is a matter of current debate and, one might say, considerable controversy amongst trance researchers at the present time. There are, however, at least two features that, to me at least, seem to be constant. One is what Ronald Shor has called a fading of the Generalized Reality Orientation (Charles Tart calls it the Consensus Reality Orientation). This is a structured frame of reference in the background of attention which supports, interprets, and gives meaning to all experiences.17 It is what sociologist Peter Berger would call our internalized socially constructed reality.18 The other seemingly common feature of all trance states is attentional absorption, the sense of being caught up or totally involved in the phenomenon to which one is attending. Erika Fromm and Stephen Kahn found that these two features were the only ones common to all the cases of auto- and hetero-hypnosis that they studied. At home yoga 2016.

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