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At home yoga sequence on The Svetasvatara Upanisad Deussen places this Upanisad with the middle (verse) texts such as the lsa and the Mundaka. Hume locates it in the same period as the later prose Upanisads such as the Maitri and the Mandukya, whilst Summary and Comment FIRST ADHYAYA (CHAPTER) 1-3 Through a Question and Answer technique, the text presents the view that god (deva) is the cause and ruler of all and that the soul (atman) is powerless. 4-6 God contains all the (Samkhya) tattvas within himself. The soul thinks it is separate from god and a causal agent. This produces bondage. When favoured by Him it attains immortality. 7-12 Within god are three ultimates: god (deva), soul (atman) and nature (pradhana/prakrti). At home yoga sequence 2016.

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