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At home yoga practice on 68 At the time Thibaut wrote his introduction to his Sacred Books of the East translation of Sankara s and Ramanuja s commentaries on the Brahmasutra these two works were the oldest interpretations of the text available to Western scholarship. Subsequently, however, the commentary of Bhaskara has been discovered and published in the Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, Banares. Bhaskara interpreted the Brahmasutra from a bhedabheda (difference-non-difference) position, a kind of half-way stage between Sankara s full-blown non-dualism (advaita) or illusionism (mayavada) and Ramanuja s qualified non-dualism (visistadvaita), though tending to be philosophically more akin to the latter.69 With regard to the division of the text, however, Bhaskara follows Sankara on all but three occasions (3.3.29-30 and 32; 4.2. At home yoga practice 2016.


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