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Ashtanga yoga poses on Staff in maternity wards notice clusters of boy and girl births, assume that these clusters indicate a non-random process and then seek explanations such as the influence of the moon. When the Germans V-bombed London people came to believe that some parts of the city were danger zones, more likely to be hit than others. Subsequent analysis revealed no such clusters. I can t resist including this final example of pattern imposition: Perhaps the most famous food-related sighting of religious symbolism in recent times is a likeness of the Virgin Mary that appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich. Florida resident Diana Duyser discovered the image after she d taken a bite from the sandwich. For 10 years, Duyser kept the partially eaten Holy Sandwich in a clear plastic box on her night stand. In 2004, she sold the sandwich on eBay to GoldenPalace. Ashtanga yoga poses 2016.

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