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Ashtanga yoga Pics on WHAT S WRONG WITH THE TRADITIONAL INDIAN YOGA FRAMEWORK? The yoga to which most westerners have been introduced is a relatively modern development, a synthesis of older yogic practices and more modern approaches to physical and mental culture. For most people, the first point of contact with this modern, synthetic yoga is a yoga class where the focus is on stretching and posture work. Some controlled breathing and perhaps some simple meditation are often added for students who have had a little more experience. All this can seem quite straightforward at first, but when students start to delve a little deeper, perhaps comparing the guidance offered by different teachers or doing some reading about the history of yoga, confusion can quickly set in. Conflicting claims abound. Fanciful histories are constructed and unfamiliar metaphysical ideas are introduced as though they are obvious realities. If yoga is to become more than a system of physical exercises whilst also avoiding entanglements with questionable metaphysical schemata, then one way forward is to think of it as a vehicle for the promotion of human flourishing that is rooted in one of the core meanings of the term yoga itself: integration. Ashtanga yoga Pics 2016.

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