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Ashtanga yoga at home on These dharmas are mere flashes of existence that arise and decay in rapid succession, fuelled by karmic energy. Nothing abiding and substantial is found in any person. Ignorance of our true natures and, in particular, clinging to the notion of self is what produces craving and all the suffering that goes with it. The best way to help suffering beings is, therefore, to teach them the Buddha s wisdom and help them to understand that they are not who they think they are. Mahayanists accepted this, but they also responded to the needs of the beings who experienced the pains of this world, not least because to put one s own welfare above that of others is to give greater value to one s own self and, thereby, prevent full realization of one s essentially selfless nature. Hence, bodhisattvas transfer merit that they have accumulated to others and even offer their lives if another being can be saved by such an act. The story in the Lotus Sutra of the prince who sacrificed himself to a hungry tigress so that she could gain the strength to feed her cubs is the perfect illustration of this ideal. Ashtanga yoga at home 2016.

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