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Ashtanga yoga asanas on 20 Both temples and mandalas or yantras drawn by individual worshippers are symbols of the entire universe and the worship a symbolic reintegration of that universe. They also symbolize the human body, which is regarded as a microcosmic universe. As Peter Masefield points out, there is a presupposition commonly found in many Indian schools from the Vedic period onwards that to speak about the cosmos (adhidaivic) and to speak about the human mind (adhyatmic) are two different ways of speaking about the same thing. For each level of consciousness there is a cosmic counterpart or for each level of the cosmos there is a corresponding state of consciousness. Neither is in any sense prior. To say that one reaches the Brahmaloka or enters jhana is to say the same thing but with a different model. Neither is reducible to the other: rather both are equally figurative ways of referring to some elusive neutral phenomenon lying somewhere between the two. Ashtanga yoga asanas 2016.

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