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Asanas yoga poses on 5) constituting an essentially independent work that offers fairly typical hatha yoga teaching. The preceding four chapters are largely Advaita Vedanta in orientation: only by knowing brahman as saccidananda does one become immortal ; there exists the brahman alone actually, which is absolute consciousness, all-pervading, eternal, full, and which is imperishable bliss and nought else exists, though in parts of the dialogue between Rbhu and Visnu the latter mentions that he is different from all tattva groups and distinct from jiva, lsvara and maya typical dualistic statements. The rest of the text identifies Visnu with the non-dual Brahman, however. Little in these chapters adds significantly to post-epic Vedantic lore, apart from mentions of 36 and 96 tattvas. One exception to this can be found at the end of ch. 2, where the grace of the true teacher (sadguru), kundalind and the innate (sahaja) are introduced. Post five mentions three kinds of yoga: laya, mantra and hatha, and outlines an eight-limbed yoga with the same constituents as Patanjali s, though they are described differently. Asanas yoga poses 2016.

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