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Asanas poses on That insight has the effect of nullifying the influence of karma formations (samskara) on perception and this, in turn, facilitates the emergence of concentration without seed (nirbija samadhi). In this account there is no room for an ananda samadhi or an asmita samadhi. It is clear that Patanjali never intended there to be. Again, a consideration of the way Patanjali presents his teachings suggests an alternative way of proceeding. In the earlier discussion of the place of the eight limbs section in the text as a whole, an examination of the expectations arising out of sutra 2.2 led to an enquiry into the overall structure of book 2. Interestingly, although Patanjali presents the two themes of that chapter: cultivating concentration and attenuating the hindrances, in that order, his actual treatment of these topics proceeds in reverse. Asanas poses 2016.

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