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Asanas of yoga on 37 All of these were deemed to be polluting by traditional brahmanical conventions. Throughout this period and for most of the rest of his life, Sivananda practised asana and pranayama as well as aerobic activities such as running, again, something that swamis were not expected to do.38 By the late 1920s the young sannyasi was beginning to attract disciples of his own. Like himself, he encouraged them to be active and to live a life of service to others rather than one of pure renunciation and contemplation. He also gave his talks and wrote his books in English, once more attracting criticism from the orthodox. Moreover, he sang, danced, led continuous chanting sessions and gave demonstrations of asanas and pranayama all highly unusual for advaitic sannyasis.39 Despite his unorthodox behaviour, or perhaps because people saw a genuine freedom in it, he continued to attract students and disciples. Asanas of yoga 2016.

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