Asana Yoga Pose

Asana Yoga Pose

Initially I intended this blog to be a guide, but not a guide to change the way of doing Yoga poses, which have been developed and added to through the years by numerous people who thought they could improve the positions and lubricate the joints of our physical anatomy.

I offer this guide to you as a shortcut, a back door, to find our own Inner Self in a way, except there are no shortcuts in realizing and accepting who we are. I am also reminded of an old Cajun song, ‘The Backdoor’. where a lover comes and goes by the backdoor, but never finds what he really is searching for other than a romp in the hay.

As the time passed and my thoughts wandered, I realized that my written guide is a sad, realistic love story. Passing over without even being influenced by the concept of the physical side of Yoga, that became estranged through the years and separated from the mental side of Yoga.

Searching and grasping for anything that could make myself whole, only to realize I was all that there was. In a world forlorn, lost in its own inadequacy, engulfed within its own narrowness of thought.

I always thought that drugs and alcohol were the backdoor to any type of Spirituality because of the way most people explained their adventures of the mind in a period of restlessness, or, you could say, as their period of disillusionment.

So step aside alcohol and drugs. Backdoor Yoga can take you on a trip of many rewards.

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