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Asana positions on When animal sacrifices were being performed, a stake, called a yupa, was set up next to the vedi. These public (srauta) sacrifices were of two kinds: regular and occasional. The former were required by changes in the month and seasons enabling an ongoing participation in the maintenance of order; the latter were for specific purposes, often the benefit of some patron (yajamana) who was paying for it. On these occasions the size of the yupa was linked to the size of the patron, its length being the same height as him when he stood with upraised arms. The patron s preparation for the ritual has certain features in common with yoga practice. In order to leave his impurities behind (necessary because the sacred power could damage an impure person) he bathed, shaved, fasted, avoided sexual activity and sought to generate tapas, purificatory heat. Such purification sacralizes the patron and makes him a suitable recipient of sacred power. Asana positions 2016.

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