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Asana poses on THE KRAMA SYSTEM The Krama exhibits a number of distinctive features. First there is an emphasis on the attainment of liberation (union with Siva) by gradual stages. This proceeds through yoga practice which entails either the merging of experiences of the external world with those of the internal promoting the idea that external objects are really mind-made, or by seeing the external as a projection of the internal. Another distinguishing feature is the emphasis on the female energy (sakti) as the most important aspect of the divine, because whereas Siva is the tranquil, immutable consciousness the sakti is dynamic energy, responsible for creation, destruction and liberation. For this reason it has sometimes been described as a Sakta rather than a Saiva system. THE KULA SYSTEM Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Kula system is its stress on the possibility of sudden enlightenment through the bestowal of grace by a spiritual preceptor (guru), who is said to be perfectly united with Siva. Despite this, Kaulas are not encouraged to cultivate ecstatic devotion but to practise those forms of tantric yoga that seek the awakening of the kundalini sakti. Asana poses 2016.

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