Asana Low Lunge Pose 2 Minutes Yoga Health for Beginners

Come on to kneeling position step right foot forward makes your you right knee and ankle sorry in one line and left knee on the floor place your hands on your knee and do gentle backbend inhale and raise your hand lift your chest and stretch your outer thigh of left leg make your breath more relaxed with Dave I breath. And then slowly come back no change other side left leg step forward place your hands on your left knee inhale and lengthen your spine chest lifted shoulder blade back inhale hands up while exhale lift your pubic bone engage your root long mole bunny just be slow breathing slowly come back and sit in hydrogen or sukhasan and me relax Oh.

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Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottan Asana Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Pose

From sue Carson open your both leg in front of you and sit-ins than dozen now inhale bring right heel into the neighbor before lowering need to get leg as high up on thigh as possible exhale right arm around behind back and claps tools on right foot inhale hand up head up exhale bend forward staying in harp on lotus pose chin or forehead to scene or knee, if you not able to catch big toes use yoga band or strapped stay 5 to 8 breath here slowly come back and change other side now bring left heel into the navel on right time claps toes on lap food inhale head up long is fine why lacks a gently fold forward avoid any type of effort be relax make your bread more comfort then you feel more is in this posture slowly inhale come back exhale sit in sukh Asana and watch your breath here and be relaxed.

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