Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise Program

Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise Program


Thousands of years ago, enemas were used to enhance the healing process. Today the same process is used, but with a completely different technique. Colonic hydrotherapy, which was developed for U.S. astronauts, is able to clean the colon thoroughly and hygienically. The flush effect enables the removal of all the old decaying material fecal matter which can lead to recurrent poisoning. Through the osmotic process, it’s also possible to reach and remove toxic substances beyond the colon quickly and easily, without any side effects. This process can have dramatic results in some cases, hay fever and migraines have disappeared completely after just one treatment. Former smokers also experience fewer withdrawal symptoms.

The colon has a huge (approximately 3,230 square foot) interface with the interior of the body. With colonic irrigation, metabolic residues and toxic waste matter can be taken up by the water that has been introduced into the colon, and thus eventually leave the body through the rectum If your lifestyle needs to be healthier, having this “internal shower” once or twice a year will give you a much-needed opportunity to cleanse yourself of metabolic residues and enable you to experience the healing power of water.

Conscious living, I’ve learned, begins with understanding the true power of water, as documented through the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. The power of water exists in its ability to flow effortlessly, no matter what its environment. Water takes on the shape of its container, moves continually in swirling motions, or is effortlessly guided by the banks of a river. As life itself, it’s always moving, changing from one state to another, vibrating and resonating at different frequencies. It has the potential to carve a path through a mountain, squeeze through the smallest opening, and, when heated, evaporate into thin air. Water is as mysterious as the infinite universe itself. It holds the secrets of all life. One drop may contain the blueprint for the cure of every disease known to humankind.

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The human body is estimated to be between 70 and 90 percent water. Each cell, organ, and system of the body consists of specific percentages of water; and the flow of that water determines whether the body expresses itself in optimal health or in symptoms of imbalance or disease.

The late F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., a renowned physician, researcher, and author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, discovered the profound benefits water has on the physiological functions of the body. He wrote:

From the new perspective of my 22 years of clinical and scientific research into molecular physiology of dehydration I can safely say the 60 million Americans with hypertension, the 110 million with chronic pains, the 15 million with diabetes, the 17 million with asthma, and the 50 million with allergies all waited to get thirsty. Had they realized water [was] a natural antihistamine and a more effective diuretic, these people would have been saved the agony of their health problems.

This article will outline the healing power of water and how the subsequent fusion of science and spirit gave birth to The LifeLine Technique.

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