Arm Yoga Poses

Arm Yoga Poses

There are more than two elements of the mind that the Human Self has to deal with when trying to be in a healthy relationship within a balance of Mind and Body, and throwing in the Spiritual Self.

Strange as it may seem, dealing with three elements is difficult to accept, especially if they are within the unknown elements of the mind. Forget about Freud and Jung, we are about to step into the twilight zone.

The Mind plays a game with us, dealing with Nature (Terrestrial) and the Subtle Mind / Soul (Celestial). Nature tries to control our physical self, and through the various Yoga poses and stretches we attempt to soften the grasp of Nature on our own body. But it is important to know how to create that harmony and balance of our fears or, in this case, pains as they may not always be real.

Most instructors rely on their course of study, which was formatted by the different schools of thought. Very few have experienced any Spiritual adventures of the Mind and are possibly lost in the whole concept of Union.

Backdoor Yoga is a shortcut and is the beginning of a love affair with your own mind through the Meditative side of Yoga. In a way it is a blind date with the Unknown. It is also a suggested guide through the Death process that most everybody is afraid to look forward to.

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