Arm Exercises During Pregnancy

Arm Exercises During Pregnancy

The Seventh Ray Age with its focus on sacredising matter will see a great upsurge in this descent and upliftment of fire. The fire of matter may not be ‘principled’ in the sense of being solarised or included in the evolutionary consciousness. It is nevertheless ‘divine’ and when that divinity is recognised the time of exile in the most dense prison of matter draws to a close.

In the human being the rising of the serpent fire results in a stimulation of the latent fire in all the atoms of the body. A vitalising and a refinement process takes place as the ‘dross’ is burned away.

There is the radiant body of the soul itself, found on its own plane, and called, frequently, the Karana Sarira or the causal body.

There is the vital or etheric body, the vehicle of prana which is the body of golden light, or rather the flame coloured vehicle.

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