Arm Balance Yoga Poses

Arm Balance Yoga Poses

So when it comes to the authenticity of what is written these days, it all boils down to hearsay. You don’t have to accept something just because someone believes that they are more intelligent and happens to have more time on their hands to be able to write a blog to explain everything that you could find out for yourself. You could do this through a simple means of just asking yourself and becoming aware of the answers.

I suspect I have placed myself in the same category as the other authors trying to enlighten the world through our wisdom. In some respects there is a good indication of that thought frame being true. On a different stroke this is where Backdoor Yoga comes into play.

One of the precepts of Backdoor Yoga is that no one is smarter or better or dumber or worse, or better looking or uglier than someone else: we are all equal. There is only one of each of us so why should we compare ourselves to others if we are a singular identity? We as individuals think differently and experience life in our own fashion, and no one is right or wrong.

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I am writing about my own experiences, and, possibly, suggesting some actions you can take based on these. Indirectly I am therefore sharing my experiences with the world, and although they may seem absurd, crude and immoral, they are my actual experiences. What is more they have opened a door to better health, a better understanding of life and a more enjoyable existence.

There are no secrets in the world. Everything known is handed down through the Connective or Collective Consciousness and everybody has the ability to and is capable of receiving information beyond their own thought frame.

The problem of handling some of the ideas and concepts is due to the fact they are difficult to decipher because of the abstract manner that they are received in. Also, they go beyond what we believe is normal in a physical world built on Religious and Moral attitudes that vary from neighborhoods to cities to distant countries.

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