Are You a Lettuce Understanding Self in Buddhism

Welcome everyone today I’m talking to you from NATO monastery up in the hills over Katmandu in the pod and leading a month-long teacher training here. And it’s just a fantastic experience seeing the growth of the students and how much they learn really remarkable in two weeks it feels like we’ve been studying for over two years. And the amount of transformation and change they’re gonna take for their life is at least as equal as that maybe one day you’ll join me don’t forget to check out during yoga you’ll have all the information there one of the questions that comes up is the question of Who am I what about this soul and non soul and how do we deal with that in Buddhism where it’s existent. But not existent relative absolute I promise a few sessions on these. But I just wanted to give you something to ponder on today something maybe that can lead later on to a deeper meditation that will help you understand who you are I walked up the mountain today. And it’s our free day.

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So I had a little time to get to nature and as I walk up it’s pretty steep I walk quickly part way up I’m already sweating I stopped to catch my breath and as I catch my breath my body cools down a bit the sweat that’s on my skin disappears where did it go most of us don’t think about it. But it evaporated evaporated became part of maybe later on a cloud this cloud at some point will pour rain maybe over a farm maybe it’ll be in the ground. And the lettuce will drink it up somebody will eat this lettuce maybe me maybe here maybe someone else somebody ate the lettuce that consisted of the water that was mixed and originally part of it came from me I sweat how is that possible are they me now is the lettuce me I keep walking it’s rainy they’re leeches around a leech comes in sucks some of my blood the leech now has my blood that was its food it’s the leech me. But my blood is there am I the leech so often we really think that we are unique special and consistent we believe that we are never changing oh maybe a few wrinkles. But not really on that every moment level I drank water this water came from the river that came from the rain am I the river I used the toilet it goes down to another field grows other vegetables everything everything is both constantly changing and constantly dependent on everything else nothing neither me nor you have a real consistent never changing existence what do you think can you give me other examples how are things related connected interdependent we’d love to hear your thoughts thank you for now and I promise a lot more posts coming soon namaste.

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