Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottan Asana – Seated Forward

Welcome to Durham yoga everryone today we’re gonna look at the art ibadah Padma paschimottan Asana it’s a seated forward fold with one leg in half Lotus. And we take the bind, if possible. So let’s look at how it’s done we’re starting with the left leg straight as they do in the Ashtanga tradition taking the right foot in half Lotus now what happens is that many people have that leg the knee high up, if that’s the case place something underneath the knee a block a blanket something to support the knee. So It doesn’t get jammed or hurt right that’s a very important thing we want to do the other thing is try to rotate the cap you can see I’m externally rotating the calf I’m taking the hand from under lifting it up in order to get that external rotation that’ll help protect the knee then I go into the half Lotus and I come forward lengthening the spine as much as possible for forward fold the full pose is done with a bind.

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So I’m taking the arm behind the back taking my piece on qinger holding my big toes or you can hold use the whole hand. And then reaching forward obviously, if you can’t reach the bind you can use a towel or strap or just leave the hand in the air or you can take both arms forward that’s totally okay you don’t have to do the bind you’ll still get lots of benefits from the half Lotus squeezing them to your belly massaging those internal organs let’s look at it again on the other side so as you can see I’m lifting up the leg taking the knee way out externally rotating both in the thigh as well as the calf and trying to get as sleep as I can into the half Lotus, if you don’t you can see here the hand doesn’t reach the foot. So It’s okay use a strap but, if possible try to bring the leg higher up into the hip crease. And then suddenly you don’t need such long arms to get a hold of your foot or toes all right I’m really lengthening the spine while I’ve got the Holden.

I’m starting to reach forward over the leg I take hold of the foot with my right hand lengthening the spine as much as I can and breathe you can see that the left shoulder is not lift much right you can see the spine is pretty straight down try not to make it into a twist. But rather really keep it as a forward fold with just that little extra stretch onto the left arm that’s it slowly coming up release the leg and keep the practice alive you need especially a lot of hip openers to get that half Lotus what’s your favorite forward fold let me know in the comments below hit like and make sure you subscribe thanks so much namaste and see you soon.

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