Alva BB cream

Alva BB cream

This multipurpose hypoallergenic BB cream is a 6-in-i cream! It moisturises whilst mattifying, provides a SPF20, firms, and one of my plus points for a BB cream is that it evens out your complexion. It also provides a light coverage but deals with those patches of unevenness we all suffer from! Contains organic vegetable oils including acaf, babaua and Argan oil which are all high in antioxidants. £30 available from and independent health stores.

If metal waste is not something you have ever considered fashionable or edgy. Bottletop will ensure you have a change of opinion. Using up-cycled metal waste this unique brand creates fashionable, aesthetic bags and literally turns trash into treasure. Each item expresses an edgy sophistication and really adapts perceptions on the uses of recycled waste.

Located in Salvador, Brazil. Bottletop isn’t just about creating fashionable products. Every year the company invests in materials and training that allows their workers to perfect an under-developed craft, and as the company works exclusively with local women, this craft enables them to support their families and themselves. Bottletops unique blend highlights the idea that fashion is all about using the old to create something new -including the Comprido clutch bag which is the ideal visual piece for women with an edge. £100 available from

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MADE isn’t just about creating beautiful pieces that complement their buyer – this jewellery brand is one devoted to teaching their artisans new skills while maintaining traditional techniques. The company produces all of its unique, handmade jewellery in Kenyan workshops and uses locally sourced materials.

The beauty of MADE is its emphasis on celebrating the Kenyan culture and expressing this celebration through stunning and creative designs. Each piece stands alone and really echoes the individuality of this brand and the focus on its Kenyan roots. With a range of jewellery designers every item is provided with its own story and spirit.

MADE is a brand that promotes the importance of ethical companies as well as the beautiful blend of traditional Kenyan and western skills.

This is MADE jewellery’s Gikunja Cuff, a stunning statement piece with strong African echoes.

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