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All yoga steps on For example, Rgveda 10.16 suggests that the eye goes to the sun, the spirit (atman) goes to the wind and the other parts go, according to their natures, to the sky, the earth, the waters and the plants. In later Vedantic thought, atman becomes an immutable essence, the unchanging reality behind the ephemeral flux of forms, the inner controller within all living beings. In this Rgvedic passage, however, it still has clear associations with the verbal root from which it is derived: V an, to breathe, and with other vitalistic terms such as vayu (wind), prana (breath), vata (air), asu (breath) and ayus (life). In this context it is perfectly appropriate for atman to return to its source in the wind. Likewise, in almost all later Indian religious thought, manas (mind) is part of the illusory ephemera of samsara or a constituent of non-sentient material nature (prakrti). In R. All yoga steps 2016.

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