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All yoga poses on, had only been dealt with in their yogic aspect as angas (limbs) of Patanjali Maharishi s astanga yoga. Now, thanks to the rational approach set up by Swamiji s books, asanas and allied exercises have come to be accepted as a safe means of getting and keeping good health and a sound, diseaseless physique.50 The Divine Life Society s Sivananda, Biography of a Modern Sage contains some interesting photographs of Sivananda practising asanas in later life. None of them could be described as a perfect posture. For him, it seems, the doing was more important than the showing.51 As his organization expanded, Sivananda began to bestow sannyasa initiation on almost everyone who asked for it, whether they were young or old, male or female, Indian or foreign. He even bestowed initiation through the mail. All yoga poses 2016.

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