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All yoga asana on THE SACRIFICE In its earliest, and perhaps pre-Indian form, the Vedic sacrifice appears to have been a kind of hospitality rite where the gods were invited to participate in a ritual meal, which was probably celebrated around a simple fire with a grass-strewn space set aside for the divine guests. The evidence of the Rgveda suggests, however, that by the time the hymns were collected together the sacrifice had already become more complex than the simple hospitality rite, and that three fires were being used. Similarly, the earliest form of sacrifice probably required the services of just one priest. By the end of the Vedic period up to 16 could be involved. In the early period, the priest was a celebrant who officiated at the rite; by the end of the Vedic period he had become a magician. As A.B. All yoga asana 2016.

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