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All the yoga poses on An interesting point about this development is that in Iran, where the Zoroastrian Avestan texts have much in common with the Vedic Samhitas, the reverse occurred. The Avestan for asura is ahura and for deva it is daeva. In Iran, ahura came to mean lord or god, whilst daeva came to mean demon, from which we get the English terms daemon and demonic. The primary divinity in the Iranian pantheon came to be Ahura Mazda, the wise lord, whose counterpart in India was Varuna, lord of the moral order (rta) who can see into human hearts. Varuna, however, fell from prominence in India and in the Puranic period4 became lord of the deep waters; and Indra, who was classed as a demon in Iran, came to be, for a time, the undisputed king of the gods. Most of the Vedic gods can be identified with one of the three realms of the triple world of sky, atmosphere and earth, though some elude this classification and scholars have suggested a variety of classificatory solutions to this problem. Here I shall simply opt for a miscellaneous category for those divinities who seem to be associated with neither earth, atmosphere nor sky. All the yoga poses 2016.

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