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All the yoga poses with pictures on Deussen offers a relative chronology of the texts on his list, and this is accepted by Hume apart from the Svetasvatara which he places in the third group along with the Maitri and the Mandukya.13 Deussen s list, incorporating Hume s emendation, is: Maitrayaniya,/Maitri Mandukya Svetasvatara (verse) Deussen comments that the Upanisads of the first group are usually closely interwoven with their respective Brahmana and Aranyaka texts whereas this feature is absent from those in the second group. The third group, apart from the verse Svetasvatara, exhibit many of the features of later Sanskrit prose: complexity, elaboration and repetition. Subsequent Upanisads tended to be attached to the Atharvaveda and were not regarded as authoritative by most commentators. Each Upanisad was preserved and transmitted by one of the Vedic schools (sakha), e.g. Aitareyins, Jaimindyas: TIME Rgveda Samaveda Yajurveda (Black) Yajurveda (White) Atharvaveda Early Prose Aitareya (Aitareyins) Kausitaki Chandogya (Tandins) Kena Taittiriya (Taittiriyakas) Brhadaranyaka (Vajasaneyins) Middle (Kausitakins) (Jaiminiyas) Kathaka Isa Mundaka Verse Later Prose (Kathas) Mahanarayana (Taittiriyakas) Maitrayaniya (Maitrayaniyas) Svetasvatara (Kathas) (Vajasaneyins) Mandukya Prasna This arrangement highlights the linkages between different Upanisads and, most interesting in terms of yoga philosophy, shows that the Upanisads in which yoga is described in most detail: the Katha, Maitri and Svetasvatara are all attached to the Black Yajurveda. All the yoga poses with pictures 2016.

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