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All asanas postures on 18 Yoga, this text informs us, is the torso (atman) of the person made of understanding. Some writers, Karel Werner is a notable example,19 take this usage to indicate an understanding of yoga that is a genuine prefigurement of later forms of yoga such as that found in Patanjali s Yoga Sutra, but the case for this view, whilst ingenious, is hardly conclusive. The first unambiguous references to a recognizable system of yogic thought and practice in the Upanisads come in two sections of the Katha Upanisad: 3.3-9 and 6.6-15. In the first of these passages the mind is likened to the reins of a chariot, which is the body, having the senses as the horses. Controlling the mind is the intellect (buddhi), which is likened to a charioteer. All asanas postures 2016.

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