Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy

Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy

Next, a pulmonary specialist diagnosed Jerzy with asthma and prescribed an antihistamine medication. The symptoms went away, but Jerzy progressively felt weaker.

Blood tests revealed that Jerzy was anemic, so he starting taking iron supplements. However, he developed severe abdominal pains for which he underwent numerous tests, including a colonoscopy, an upper gastrointestinal barium test, and a CT scan. They were negative, and the pains persisted.

Then a friend suggested a holistic doctor, who analyzed Jerzy’s saliva and determined that he had fungi throughout his digestive system. He prescribed a solution of liquid silver to kill the fungi and also advised Jerzy to resume cooking his food. Like everything else, this did no good whatsoever.

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On top of everything else, Jerzy noticed that his fingernails and toenails were unusually soft. At that point, his regular chiropractor suggested that the problems might be caused by Jerzy’s raw diet and advised him to go back to eating red meat. Even so, the chiropractor warned it could take a year or two for him to recover.

However, Jerzy did not immediately return to red meat because he thought he had a protein deficiency. So, looking for vegetarian sources of protein, he began eating tofu, beans, and rice. After three months, feeling no difference, he gave up on pure vegetarianism by adding egg whites and milk products including cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt back to his diet. Still seeing no progress, he returned to eating animal protein first fish and then chicken.

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