Aero Pilates Exercises Chart

Aero Pilates Exercises Chart

We like to eat freshly prepared, not reheated, food every day, looking for ways to eat at home with the least amount of time spent on cooking.

With this in mind, we discovered that using a pressure cooker is one of the easiest and fastest ways to prepare great tasting soups and stews. What’s the difference between soups and stews? The amount of liquid that’s used. Soups are more liquid, whereas stews are more saucy. The amount of calories is the same in both.

There are many advantages to using a pressure cooker. The most important one is that it retains all the nutrients in the food, which also makes it tastier than food prepared in traditional ways. Furthermore, it is fast and efficient. A delicious fresh soup or stew can be prepared in only twenty minutes. Also, you can peel, cut, and pack fresh vegetables into containers on weekends, store them in the refrigerator or freezer, and use them during the week. As a last resort, if you don’t have time for that, you can use frozen ingredients from your health food store.

Cooking with another person can make the process more fun. When we cook, we work as a team: one of us cleans and peels the vegetables, while the other one cuts them, and we enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

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As you put ingredients together, use your imagination. You can create a great tasting dish by unconventional ways of putting things together.

When we were a young couple and first started cooking together, we soon realized that we were making bland meals. Since we loved soups more than anything else, and Jerzy’s mother, who was a great soup-maker, lived nearby, Jerzy asked her one day to teach him how to cook.

“Alright,” she said, “let’s start.”

“Let me get a pencil and paper,” Jerzy said.

“No pencils and no paper,” his mom insisted. “We’ll just see what’s in the fridge.”

“But how will I learn to do it again?”

“Every soup is different… and that’s the whole fun of it.”

So, she opened the refrigerator, and asked, “What vegetable do we have the most of?”

“Tomatoes,” Jerzy said, “and they’re ready to go.” “Then, we’ll make tomato soup. First, we’ll cut up some onions, parsley, carrots, leeks, and celery. Then we’ll add water and throw in some chicken, beef, or beans. We have chicken, so we’ll use chicken today.”

“How much of each vegetable, Mamushka?” “About the same amount of each.”

“What if we don’t have one of those vegetables?” “We’ll just use what we have. So long as we have any two of those ingredients, we’ll be fine.”

“But then we’ll always be making a different soup. There won’t be any consistency from one time to the next.”

“That’s the whole point. Every soup you make is unique. You can use five basic vegetables as half of any soup. Today, the other half will be tomatoes. And we’ll always be sure to use salt and pepper to flavor our soups and stews. You can also add other spices and herbs.”

For the next several weeks, Jerzy and his mom made soups with every possible combination of vegetables and proteins, and they were all delicious.

As you put ingredients together, use your imagination. You can create a great tasting dish by unconventional ways of putting things together.

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