Advanced Yoga Shoulder Stand Pose Plow Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today we’re going to go through a couple of poses called shoulder stand and plow pose these oppose is that you normally do with the end of yoga practice one of which is an inversion.

And then usually we transition from that inversion into our plow pose at the end. So we’re going to start lying on our back. And you’re just going to bring your heels in by your bottom. And then take a nice big roll take your legs all the way over onto the floor behind you don’t worry, if your feet don’t touch the ground that’s absolutely fine they can be here you can bend the knees as well. And then you’re going to have a little bigger make sure that you’re on your shoulders and you’ve not got any pressure on your neck you shouldn’t feel anything on your neck at all then you can take your hands onto your lower back walk the elbows in a little bit.

Advanced Yoga Shoulder Stand Pose Plow Pose Photo Gallery

And then slowly lift one leg up the other leg up we’re gonna come here to balancing your shoulder stand looking in towards your navel or towards your toes keeping the toes together toes pointed. But flare the toes you’ve got two air running through them watch out. And we tend to stay put least ten breaths perhaps 20 you can stay here for 40, if you would like to depending on your stamina it’s also quite nice when you’re up here to take a few variations you can perhaps go into baddha kon Asana or you can come into sort of a half split type position you could take the legs wide many things you can do while you’re up there. And then when you’ve done the 10 15 20 breaths. And then going to slowly start to release the beat of your head towards the floor maybe they touch down maybe they don’t it doesn’t matter toenails onto the mat, if they reach.

And then release the hands down interlace the fingers press the palms together for your plow pose. And you’re going to stay here in your plow pose again for about five long deep breaths you enjoy more feet don’t touch down you can bend the knees take it more like this put me on the end of the toes whatever is comfortable for you. And then when you’ve done your five breaths release your hands place the palms flat on the floor we want to try and get your knees as close to your face with the legs straight as possible coming into a forward fold basically upside down and very slowly rolling your way all the way down onto your back then taking the feet slowly down and onto the mat then we’re just going to take the counter post and shoulders band just fish pose you’re going to take your hands underneath your bottom. And then press down into your elbows lift up through the chest arch the back and place the crown of your head onto the mat as you point the toes mister stretches the neck back the other way going to breathe here again for five four three two and one press into your elbows gently draw the chin in towards the chest then come all the way down release the hands from underneath you. And then I found a nice after doing that just to take the hands behind the head interlace them now just definitely lift your chin up towards your chest supporting with the hands just to make them out spying again. And then relaxing all the way back down and continuing whatever finishing sequence you might like to do from here thank you very much for having a go at shoulders and bow pose and fish pose with me today these are great poses to put in at the end of your yoga practice maybe before a couple of twists or something like that you do have any questions about them please comment below, if you’d like to subscribe you can do so both thanks for reading namaste.

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