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Advanced yoga poses pictures on CU 6 contains an account of how the one being (sat) evolved from itself in the beginning, three forms (rupa): fire or light (tejas), water (apa) and earth (anna). From these everything else was produced. Larson thinks it quite likely that the Samkhya of the Karikas could have developed out of such speculations7 and William Beidler thinks it clearly lays the foundation for the development of the Samkhyan guna theory.8 When the text of CU 6 is examined, however, the similarities between it and the Karika account of evolution are few and far between. The last evolutes in the Karika scheme are the mahabhutas: ether (akasa), air (vayu), fire or light (tejas), water (apa) and earth (prthivi). In the Chandogya Upanisad account the first evolutes of the one being are the three forms (rupa) of tejas, apa and anna (= prthivi). Whatever exists, according to Uddalaka, is merely a modification of one of the forms, the reality is just the three forms. Advanced yoga poses pictures 2016.


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