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Advanced yoga poses and names on In his introductory text, What The Buddha Taught, Rahula writes: It should not be thought that the eight categories or divisions of the path should be followed and practised one after the other in the numerical order as given in the usual list they are to be developed more or less simultaneously. As far as possible, according to the capacity of each individual.30 A commonly employed metaphor to convey this understanding of the path is an umbrella with eight spokes. One progresses from the outer rim down each of the spokes to the still centre of nibbana. A second interpretation, found in works such as Sangharakshita s Survey of Buddhism and Nyantiloka s Buddhist Dictionary, is that initially right view means acceptance of the Buddha s teaching by faith. One s right intention should be based on this. Then follows the practice of the moral principles (right speech, action and livelihood), which serve as a foundation for the meditational practice as found in the final three steps of right effort, mindfulness and concentration. Advanced yoga poses and names 2016.

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