Advanced Strength Training Programs

Advanced Strength Training Programs

The program just described is sufficient to develop and maintain muscular strength and endurance for general. Performing more sets and fewer repetitions with a heavier load will cause greater increases in strength. Such a program might include three to five sets of 4-6 repetitions each; the load should be heavy enough to cause fatigue with the smaller number of repetitions. Rest long enough after a set (three-five minutes) to allow your muscles to recover and work intensely during the next set.

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Experienced weight trainers often practice some form of cycle training, also called periodization, in which the exercises, number of sets and repetitions, and intensity vary within a workout and/or between workouts. For example, you might do a particular exercise more intensely during some sets or on some days than others. You might also vary the exercises you perform for particular muscle groups. For more detailed information on these more advanced training techniques, consult a certified strength coach. If you decide to adopt a more advanced training regimen, start off slowly to give your body a chance to adjust and to minimize the risk of injury.

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