Advanced Power Yoga

Namaskar I’m david ad and welcome to Anand over power yoga sequences Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body Power Yoga sequences is an important part of power yoga here we just flow from one Arsene into other with ease just by doing few sequences you can have a complete body workout sequence 6 in this sequence there are some wonderful forward bending some lateral bending.

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And some wonderful leg stretching positions you start with the legs in front take a deep breath in an exiting start going into pushing tonnison catch either the toes all the feet and drop the head down enjoy the wonderful stretch for your car and swing back, if you want to increase it your hands forward then inhaling come up now slowly spread both the legs and go into a poster corner sent to increase the stretch you raise the buttocks up push forward and have a good stretch for the inner sides of the legs take a deep breath in exceeding start stretching the hands in front take the hands one about the other.

And rest the forehead enjoy the stretch for the inner sides of the leg. And the practice slowly slowly rest it’s just on the ground stretch the hands in front then come back maintain the leg position take a deep breath in exhaling stretch the right hand towards the right to catch drop the elbow down in front take the left hand up closer to the door and extend yourself behind look up wonderful stretch for the side keep breathing. And then come up. And this time now on the other side. And then come up. And then Street in the back legs I just relax in this position feel the effect of this awesomes on your legs the inner sides of the legs on your back. And just enjoy the effect for some time.

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