Advanced Pilates Exercises

Advanced Pilates Exercises

All these energies move through the soul of the individual and the group as it engages in meditation and directs its attention into the three worlds.

There is also a fourth synthetic energy that is held in the centre of the soul under tension. This is the energy of the jewel and forms in effect a ‘reservoir of Life’.

It is not radiatory in the same sense as the triadal energies moving through the tiers of petals, but held or contained at the centre it flashes forth upon demand.

It is the lowest expression of the electric or monadic fire of the First Aspect.

Within the group life this energy can be consciously accumulated and held in reserve. It is generated as group members participate in the ‘Life’ through penetration into the Higher Way and is the natural consequence of group initiation. It is the inner energetic correspondence to the outer process of forming esoteric sections in wordly organisations.

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