Advance Yoga Workout For Body TONING

Thomas car I’m David earth and welcome to onondaga general yoga level for general yoga level four is yoga clothes for advanced practitioners you forced to different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three. And then try out this course at MASN this is a nadar arson and in this arson you can do different Korea’s different pronouns. And also different our sins when done it when it is done alone it helps you to strengthen the ankles. And the deeds.

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And improves your post show to wimpin muscle you’re sitting with a back erect legs in front now bend the right leg and drop the knee on the ground now catching the feet in such a way that the right hand is taking towards the heel. And the left hand is catching the tools now to twist the feet and keep it at the root of the left thigh in such a way that the heat is closer to the navel now just bend the left leg the left hand goes towards the heel the right hand catching the toes you twist keep the heel closer to the navel and maintain you can either have the palms on your knees with the back erect by pushing the hands up and close your eyes.

If you want to meditate you can have the jan mudra and close your eyes and maintain just be aware of the feeling in the legs the ankles are getting good list it should also make them strong the knees are getting good stretch and will improve the strength the back remains correct in this position it is enough scope for lungs to expand. And then when you feel like coming out you can open your eyes gain very slowly catch the feet to the left hand goes to as the left heel and drop it down straighten it forward. And then the other leg down and straight once you’re comfortable doing ardha padm Asana then you can try this bug massa you.

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