Active-Recovery Workouts

Active-Recovery Workouts

According to US technology company Nextatlas, practices that focus on body awareness, healthy mindsets and conscious movement are set to be the number one fitness and wellness trend this year, with activerecovery workouts such as foam-rolling and stretching topping the list as we seek to counter the effects of regular high-intensity workouts and increase overall performance by improving blood flow, range of motion and joint movement.

And the way things are going, it won’t be too long before you can book one-on-one sessions with ‘flexologists’ in the same way we already invest in personal trainers. Can’t wait till then? Check out Psycle London’s new innovative recovery yoga class called S.O.S (, which is designed to repair and release muscles, and encourage active rest using body rolling, trigger-point therapy, restorative poses and mindfulness to restore the body. We also recommend Fitness First’s Trigger Point Pilates class to undo muscular restriction and treat myofacial pain (, and Virgin Active’s Body Balance class, which mixes yoga, fai chi and Pilates to restore mind and body ( Sign us up, please!

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Remember when Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui hit the headlines in 2016 for claiming her slightly worse-than-normal performance was down to getting her period? We’ve long known the impact our menstrual cycle can have on emotions, but few of us are aware of the potential effects our hormones can have in relation to our fitness and nutrition. That’s all set to change.

Fitness and wellness booking app, MINDBODY (, predicts a boom in dedicated fitness classes aimed at helping women ease endometriosis and period pains, such as the nurturing Womb Yoga workshops hosted by The Life Centre (thelifecentre. com), while new period-tracking app, FitrWoman (, allows you to record menstrual-cycle-related symptoms and exercise intensity to help identify trends in your performance, energy and motivational levels, and access personalised training and nutritional suggestions tailored to your hormone levels throughout your cycle. ‘Research reveals our resting heart rate, breathing rate and appetite may increase during the second half of the cycle,’ says FitrWoman’s product development manager, Grainne Conefrey, ‘while adaptation to strength training has been found to increase in the first half.’ Good to know if you’re planning to beat a PB, or thinking of adding 5kg to your squats.

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