Acro Yoga Star Pose

Acro Yoga Star Pose

I would like to remind you that, just as you asked the Butt and Groin areas to open, continue with the Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat areas, at the same time acknowledging any feelings that may come about. Acknowledgment opens the door to a world of adventure and change.

Patience and lack of fear are important, for if you are getting close to Raising the Energy within through opening the Chakras, it isn’t unusual to have spirits or ghosts visiting, along with strange visions.

Your Soul or your Inner Nature will try to make you a stronger person: one who has tossed fear aside and believes in themself, opening a door that very few people even know of the door to the world of the formless.

I have a tendency to refer to the goal as being a stronger person, when in fact by shedding all of your Beliefs, removing Judgment and learning to accept everything and everybody as yourself you are removing the obstacles that prevent your Self from believing that you are God.

This leads us to the Ajna Center, the Chakra that many individuals believe is the key to the world beyond Humanity, to the Spirit world.

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