Acro Yoga Poses For Beginners

Acro Yoga Poses For Beginners

When it comes to feelings they abound with so many different sensations it is hard to imagine where they all come from

We have addressed Sinus pain earlier. The Ajna Center will also affect your eyes, as if they are trying to rotate backwards into your skull.

I may be premature in bringing up some of these symptoms at this time. Normally you would only expect some light pressure in the initial stages of opening the Chakras. But, since we are individuals, everything that I am bringing out could be completely different for you.

Since this is the area of the Third Eye there is the possibility that you could be able to see objects and even everything around you with your eyes closed. This may seem impossible, but there are some good examples of it happening on YouTube.

This example is in Indian and English and is one of many that relates to impossible actions.

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