Acro Yoga Beginner Poses

Acro Yoga Beginner Poses

This story was used at a time when you could not trust anybody, even your neighbor. Turning the other cheek was very difficult to accept, especially when someone stole your meager belongings. Judgment runs rampant, and it goes against the traditional “eye for an eye” mentality to turn the other cheek.

So how do you rationalize the acceptance of a person who oversteps boundaries, or violates all moral codes of decency?

It all goes back to that script you wrote years ago. You are part of the scene, you wrote it and created it, and cast yourself in the part. It becomes an experience, and it cannot take place unless you agree to it.

It is no different than my experience of dying under two tons of steel when I was young. We create our own world and there is a need to experience all forms of life, no matter what we consider good or bad.

I have been avoiding “Good” and “Bad” as these form the basis of all judgment. They pave the main road of all our Beliefs and Preferences, and you will find that when contact is made with the Soul our thoughts of Good and Bad or our Preferences will diminish considerably.

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